Our products are currently being used in dozens of industires all over the world, including high-tech, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive and building science.

Expert Engineering

Our engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of electronic manufacturing and cleanroom operations.

Ease of Use

Quick assembly and clean-up, operating instructions are printed on all foggers.
We offer multiple fogger options to accomodate your needs.


Applications include airflow studies, visualizing turbulence around equipment, dispersion, room pressure differential, temperature exchange effects, cross-contamination analysis and exhaust capture.

Our Products

CO2 Fogger

CO2 Fogger

The PWC CO2 Fogger produces non-contaminating, no-residue fog via dry ice and heated DI water.

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Utility Fogger

CRF2, formerly Utility Fogger II

The low cost, easy to use, Utility Fogger II is an on-demand fogger. It produces a cool, non-contaminating visible vapor composed of microscopic DI water droplets (fog).

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Other Products from Applied Physics

AP35 Liquid Nitrogen Fogger

Cleanroom Foggers

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Wall Mounted Decontamination and Sanitizing fogger from Applied Physics

Decontamination Foggers

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Contamination and Calibration Wafer Standards

Wafer Standards

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Particle Size Standards and Microspheres


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Utility Fogger

Microbial Air Samplers

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Our products are used globally

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